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by Anukriti

Posted on March 29, 2018 at 03:00 PM

So, in today’s world we have lot of confusion, confusion about everything. From the food that we eat to the clothes that we wear. Weather the product that we are buying or using are good enough for us. I think this confusion are endless and nobody can help you with every confusion you cater. But I think reading this will clear one confusion and that is why to prefer factory finish over carpenter work. Though it’s very clear that factory finish would be better, durable and will give you the best possible finish in your modular furniture and will make it a happy place. The things that are manufactured in the factory are done using high end machinery from cutting the material, to pasting the laminate to the finishing everything is done on machines.


Modular furniture done by the carpenter is a pure share of nails and fevicol for your modular furniture Whereas getting it done in factory finish is much better as no nails are used in factory finish woodwork. The furniture is built on a lock system calledminifix and screws in your kitchen.Modulorfurniture with minifix are easy to dismantle, re-assemble or alter the woodwork if required.


Factory finish modular furniture are always better when it comes to the finishes over carpenter work as you can get hydraulic hot press on the machine and laminate is pasted on the ply under great pressure and high temperature. Whereas in carpenter’s work they paste normally and leave it to dry. Which might lead to the chipping of the laminate.The machine is used to paste the edge bonding tapes on the edge.


Factory finish modular furniture are more durable as they have better finishes and are termite free and moisture resistance whereas in carpenter work you might face the termite and moisture problems in long go. The factory finish work is better as you don’t have to bother about the chipping of the edges of the laminates as the edges are treated properly in the factory. But in case of carpenter work the edges are the messiest part which leads to the termite and moisture attack.


Factory finish modular furniture are easy to maintain as they depict the real meaning of modular furniture. In case any change in any part of the furniture is required, you can just replace that particular part of the furniture and you are good to go. But in case of carpenter work, all the parts are attached to each other which means in case you need to change any part of the furniture you will have to demolish the whole furniture and there is no option that you can just replace any particular part of the furniture.

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