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by Team Infurgo

Posted on March 15, 2018 at 08:00 PM

Utilizing a corner space in any part of the building is always a challenge to be fixed properly and talking about the kitchen. Kitchen is one of the most important part of the house and to keep it organized is not an easy task to do. But no wonder we are in 21st century and all thanks to the technology. We have a great way to manage all small and big part of kitchen with the help of MODULAR KITCHEN. Modular kitchen serves you the solution to all your space problem. Still one of the most messy and least utilized section of the kitchen is the corner. But there are ways to increase the functionality of your blind corners. Hence here are few ways to keep your kitchen corner well organized and utilized.


Magic corner is the most common and widely used corner cabinet in modular kitchen. If you are using the magic corner you can maximize the use of the corner and minimize the space wastage. Magic corner is easy to use, in magic corner the drawers or the cabinet are pulled out completely and hence is very user friendly and easily accessible.


The carousel units are also known as half moon cabinet because of their shape. This cabinet are again used as corner cabinet to enhance the space utilization of the corner space. The carousel cabinets are user friendly but can't be used to keep heavy utensils.


S Carousel is the combination of the carousel and the magic corner cabinet. S Carousel are the pull out cabinets. These are the bean shape tray used as the pull out tray and adjusted in the corner space. These trays helps to access the full space of the corner and is one of the latest and used corner cabinets.


The corner drawer as we can figure it out by the name itself are the drawer that are placed in the corner. This helps to use the corner in the normal drawer manner. Hence are easy to use but again have some drawback as well. The space of the corner is not used to the maximum. Therefore are not widely used in Indian kitchens.


D corner are the rotating tray that are placed in the corner area. The trays are generally made with aluminum. These trays are easy to use because of the circular movement of the tray. The trays are attached to the centre pole. This is a widely used corner cabinet in Indian kitchens to manage the corner of the kitchens.


Shelves are the most common and old way of managing the corner of the kitchen. Shelves does not give access to whole of the corner and is really difficult to keep it well organized all the time. We can keep stuff in the shelves that is not used on daily basis as the shelves are not very user friendly and are not very easy to be accessed on the day to day use.


Open corner are the corner space that are not covered and are open to keep any stuff. Open corner could be used to enhance the aesthetic value of the kitchen by keeping some show pieces.

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