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by Prateek

Posted on June 27, 2018 at 03:40 PM

Our wardrobe is one thing that defines us, be it the style or the way our wardrobes are organized. Keeping a wardrobe we managed and organized is a bit of a task many times and in today’s work where everything is modular. We always want to take the easy way out in everything that we do. Looking at the wardrobe, nobody is getting sufficient time to manage the wardrobe. Hence technology has been playing a major part in it, making our lives easy. Here are some of the modular wardrobe fitting that certainly helps you to keep your wardrobe organized. So here are 5 types of wardrobe types that you can add to your house.


This is a dream wardrobe for everybody who is in love with clothes and new footwear. Walk-in wardrobe gives you the feeling of having your own store that holds a great no of clothes and other stuff which includes the trend and style from different collections.


Free standing wardrobe has been used before the concept of niche wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe came into play. Free standing wardrobe gives you the liberty to move and relocate your wardrobe as per your comfort and need. They come ina variety of color and material to fall in place with your theme and style.


Sliding wardrobe is new in the trend; you can have a sliding wardrobe where there is a shortage of space which enables more free space in the room. Sliding wardrobe adds that classy and elegant look to your bedroom and helps you to get the best access to your wardrobe.


These are the most common used wardrobe and are durable in any kind of use.Hinge door/ Openable wardrobes are the most common shutter style. They are the standard wardrobe solution, where the shutter opens directly in front. Available in both a handle and handle-less design, this conventional shutter is the most versatile and is easily lockable.


Building your dream home? Confused about the type of wardrobe you want? Ditch all the available options and get yourself a customized wardrobe. It can be made exactly according to your space requirement and given the finish that would suit your planned décor. This type of wardrobe is the combination of open and covered shelves in the wardrobe. They give you the freedom to add some open shelves with your standard wardrobe.

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