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by Prateek

Posted on June 27, 2018 at 12:40 PM

Kitchen in Indian houses is the key to happiness because we have a variety of flavors, ingredient to be used in our cooking. Hence it's not even easy to manage all the stuff without any smart approach. Today's smart approach is the MODULAR KITCHEN; the Modular kitchen is a great way to use the kitchen with a best possible organization with highly attractive looks for the kitchen. Modular kitchen is a self-customization of the space according to the need and the availability of the space. What makes a modular kitchen is the types of the basket that are there in the kitchen to make you’re working in the kitchen more organized and user-friendly.


The plain basket is the most commonly used basket in the basic kind of modular kitchens. The plain basket is the wired basket that could be used in a multi-purpose manner. This basket comes without any organizer or partitions inside the basket and could be used to keep stuff like kitchen clothe etc


Free standing wardrobe has been used before the concept of niche wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe came into play. Free standing wardrobe gives you the liberty to move and relocate your wardrobe as per your comfort and need. They come ina variety of color and material to fall into place with your theme and style.


Sliding wardrobe is new in the trend; you can have a sliding wardrobe where there is a shortage of space which enables more free space in the room. Sliding wardrobe adds that classy and elegant look to your bedroom and helps you to get the best access to your wardrobe.


This is the basket that generally comes above the sink space because this is the only basket in which you can place your wet utensils. This comes in two sizes that are 600mm and 900mm. you can get as per your choice, space availability,and requirement.


Grain trolley as the name suggests is for the grain jars that are there in the kitchen. This grain trolley can bear load up to a limit of 30-50kgs depending upon the company of the basket. They give you a sufficient clear height for the jars to fit in. Unless like the old house you have that standing grain trunk, in that case, this grain trolley can’t help you.


Glass basket is the basket that is given especially for your glass sets to be safe and organized. You can have partitions in your basket and get the maximum use out of it. So now with this basket, you can manage all your glass sets and they will be within your reach in case some guests visit you with notice.


Cup and saucer basket is the basket that helps to keep your cups and saucers safe and organized. These are highly ranked in the market as they ensure the safety of the tea/coffee sets along with lucrative design and ease of usage.


The cutlery basket consists of two compartments. You can place each knife, spoon, or fork separately into the cutlery stands in the basket’s covers to prevent chipping and discoloration. You can use the cutlery basket with the covers open.


Thali basket is the basket for all the thali that you use on daily basis. Thali Kitchen baskets – These are highly space saving and functional baskets. They are basically used to arrange the plates of different sizes and shapes with many different sized compartments built within it. Besides giving a visual look, another arresting feature of having this basket is that it will prevent the breakage of your plates.


Bottle pull out array provides easy access and systematic arrangement to the daily use items. Bottle pull our also comes in different sizes varying from 180mm to 300 mm.


Pan hanger is one of the most useful hangers in the kitchen. This helps you to organize the entire pan of different sizes in less space. This helps you to save space and still getting all the pan well managed in a single hanger.

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