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by Prateek

Posted on June 27, 2018 at 11:10 AM

While working on a specific look for our bedroom or drawing room, we want everything on point. But after sometime, you don’t like the same look for your house and you want to have some changes without changing anything that is full of hustle or needs a lot of investment. Thinking about something always makes us find some alternative. So the hustle free alternative for a makeover for your space is just to change your curtains and get a new transformation. Curtain always play an important role in the way our house looks by making it aesthetically good and by providing necessary segregation between the spaces in the house.


In normal use, people use the single layer curtains in their houses. These curtains are easy to maintain and requires less care. This type of curtain is hung from a single rod. Such curtains are more casual and homey and are often made of washable fabrics. This makes many types of curtains family-friendly and perfect for households with less formality and tighter budgets.


Double layer curtains are more aesthetically good, gives you a better look and gives you better light blocking. The best way to do double layering in curtains is by pairing a solid color with some lace or some other light color. Never take two bold, strong colors paired together as it might divert the whole attention from the rest of the room to the curtains.


Floating curtains are the type of curtains in which the rod is hidden by a P.O.P cove and henceit will look like the curtains are coming out of the wall. It gives your room more finished and elegant look.


The best way to design your curtain is by choosing your favorite pattern and texture. While choosing curtains you not only get to choose the pattern of your choice but you also get a chance to choose your favorite fabric like silk, cotton,and lace etc. After choosing your favorite texture, pattern, you can even choose the style for your curtains.


Thinking about how to go with the heading here.Yes, you heard me right you can even use multi-color curtains and giving your space a whole together new look. You can use the tints of your favorite, to your favorite space in the house.

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