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by Mahima

Posted on June 26, 2018 at 03:10 PM

Remember those days when you were back in your hometown and played in the front courtyard garden in your house. Do you miss having a mango tree in your house and that going green feeling in your surroundings?Certainly, you can’t have a big garden in your house now as we all are living in flats. But you can always find an alternative for a garden or even for other things that you wanted in your house. As every other space is preoccupied in your house and you can’t make any amendments in other spaces in the house. The balcony gives you the freedom to think beyond your needs in the way you design it. So get along and look for the possible ways you can design your balcony.


It’s very simple, having a small garden in your house will not only fetch you some fresh air into the house but will make you feel fresh. Whenever you will water your plants and when you will see them grow you will feel content and happy.Plant some small vegetable plants and feel like having a kitchen garden in your balcony. Eat fresh for a change from your own small garden.


We all missed our childhood when we use to have a good time in the park playing and enjoying a ride on the swings. Yet you cant have a park in your house. But the adult way is to have a swing in your balcony and have some moment of peace over there.


Add some rug and a chair to your balcony to have some fresh air. Enjoy your favorite cup of coffee in the evening in your balcony. You can also enjoy having some me time on your balcony with you Favorite book outdoors.


If you have a sea facing balcony you have already done a lot for yourself. Just put some rug and some chair and enjoy the view that is forever soothing and calming. Put some plants of your choice and that will turn out to be the best corner of your house.


Always wanted to have a pond or something of some sort in your house. You can convert your small balcony into one. You must be thinking that having a small balcony is of no use. But for the artificial pond small balcony is ideal.

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