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Styling for your interiors

by Team Infurgo

Posted on March 15, 2018 at 04:00 PM

Ever wondering looking at the interiors in a picture and comparing the same with the dull interior you have in your own house. Having a picture perfect home is the most common dream that all of us share. Imagine your food without salt that's how interior looks like without colors. Colors are the soul route to the happiness and the beauty of your house. So here are some of the great and trendy styles that you can add to your space to get that wow factory in a single glance.


Bohemian style is full of life, culture and interesting items. It is full of color and style. It is for the people who have a carefree , the relaxed kind of attitude and who believe in something unique and unusual.If you are looking for something warm, full of colors and patterns then Bohemian style is the best option for you. Think of all the possible colors and patterns to mix and match.


This style gives you all the freedom to design your drawing with combination of elements, patterns and style from different period and different origins, This style is the great equalizer. This is the best choice for the people who believe in keeping things equalized and neutral.


Today's Contemporary interior are comfortable and welcoming without being cluttered and dark. Fundamentally, Simplicity , subtle sophistication, texture and clean lines helps to define contemporary style decorating. In contemporary style LESS IS MORE. This gives your interior that clean and edgy look that is very soothing and composed.


Neutral colors used normally and often primary colors are used as accents to help break up the neutrals and provide focus and to break the monotony. As in the above picture : A single piece of furniture in a bold red.

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