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by Mahima

Posted on May 20, 2018 at 12:40 PM

If food is the sole purpose for life and you love trying different spices and ingredients every now and then. If you are a person who loves to try new dishes and try to cook the same once you are back at home. If you are a person who loves to cook at home and not compromise in the quality of taste. If you can relate to the above mentioned description, you must need a lot of storage space in your kitchen. The different types of flavour that are being used in cooking are a lot to manage. So it’s not easy to manage and organise all of the hustle going on in the kitchen without a proper spaces for everything. Here are 5 ways to get your kitchen organised by adding more storage to the kitchen and making it user friendly.


Pantry unit is the best solution in case you are a great foody and love to try something new and different every now and then. When you are in love with food and you can stop yourself from buying new food ingredients. A pantry is a unit that has a lot of storage space to solve your problem. These are specifically designed to keep bulk quantity of food product in an organized way. Tall units are used to facilitate the storage of bulky (non-refrigeration) food items.


Overheads are a part of kitchen that you would see in any modular kitchen anyways. But what makes the difference is the overheads till ceiling that gives you a lot of space for storage of the items that you might need on occasions but don’t use it on a daily basis. You can keep that dining set in that overhead that you would be using once you are visited by some guests. In case you are not having a crockery unit this is good option for you.


Innotech is a type of drawer that could be customised as per the requirement till 900mm.Innotech are better than the normal wire basket are they give you more room to keep your stuff. This basket does not include exposed wire mess which makes it much better aesthetically and makes it user friendly. They are more durable and enhance the overall aesthetic value of the kitchen.


While everybody is talking about the corner fittings that are present in the market, we would be suggesting you to not to go for corner fittings. The main reason behind not recommending the corner fittings is that the corner fitting itself takes a lot of space for the hardware and still provides less space that you could use. So keeping it simple and without hardware will provide you the sufficient space for all your big utensils like pressure cooker, big bowls etc.


If you have got your kitchen done as per the concept of plain drawers and shelf, you still need some insets for the drawer for managing and organising the crockery like spoon, knife, plates etc. There are many insets and partition available for the drawer like the cutlery, cup and saucer, plate etc.

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