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by Aakash

Posted on May 15, 2018 at 11:00 AM

Can you imagine your life without sun and sunshine? I know the answer would be no, as our lives are revolving around the movement of the sun. Just the ways our lives are so dependent on sun, good interiors are incomplete without good and complimentary lights. When you have done a good interior but you don’t have good focusing or highlighting lights to highlight those interiors then it’s of no use. Light plays an enlightening role in the way to enhance the work done in your house. Right interiors and right lighting to highlight it, you are good to go. So if you want to have a finishing touch for your house, the best way to do so is by putting the perfect types of light. So here are types of lights that you can add to your house. It’s time to lighten up!


A chandelier is fixed light that is generally ceiling mounted and are hung from the ceiling. A chandelier is one of the best ways to give your house that elegant and expensive look. Just by putting a chandelier you can enhance the look of the house and make it more finished. Chandelier is like cherry on the top for the interior. The magnificent look that you get after the placement of a chandelier is what makes the difference.


Ceiling light is one of the most commonly used light when it comes to interiors. Ceiling light as its name suggest is a light that is ceiling mounted and have an impacting way you look at the room as a whole. These lights give a definition to your interior highlighting the best part of the room.


Wall lamp is a light that is wall mounted and helps to focus on a point on the wall. Wall lamps are useful as they have a responsibility to focus on a particular thing. Lighting has a clear impact on the way we see things and the colour, the intensity of the light have a direct impact on our mood.


Interior designing has taken a turn in the past decade, from working on heavy furniture to keeping is simple and sleek. A Floor lamp is a great part of that phase so far. Now just by adding a decorative and stylish floor lamp to your space you can sense the difference.


Cove light is the indirect light is gives you dispersed light. It is used as decorative light for highlighting purpose and increases the aesthetic value of the room. These lights are used even in many different colours to add a different mood definition to space. Cove lighting can add an understated elegance and breathe life into the most uninspiring room.

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