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by Prateek

Posted on May 12, 2018 at 11:56 AM

Lately everything is the house have gained their own meaning to be a part of the house. T.V unit initially was just a way to keep the T.V on its place but over the period of time it has become one of the most important pieces of furniture. As per your choice and requirement you can go for a big to more storage T.V cabinet to treat it as a source of attraction in a room. So want good interiors for your place definitely includes good T.V units for the living and bedroom. But when it comes to designing we are always go fuddle about the perfect design that will suit us as per our personality and inner self. Here are some of the take it or leave it T.V unit designs below. Go ahead and explore!


This is the most unique and exciting one in the list. Wall hung T.V unit is something that will give your whole space that exclusive and amazing look that all your neighbours will talk about it. This type of T.V unit can even act as a partition wall between your living and drawing space. So don’t think much if you like things that are edgy and different this is the one for you among the list.


Open shelves T. unit is the best hit it on the list for those who have a bold perspective to life and are open to everything. Open shelves will offer you enough space for all those beautiful decorative items you might have bought for your house. Open shelves are good for those who like to keep it simple and minimum. If you have small space for your T.V unit then this will be an option to use as this will not make your space look bulky and yet it will complete your space.


This type of T.V unit offers you a lot of storage space to keep your stuff. This is a good option for those who have a good space available to invest for T.V unit design. This type of cabinets enhances the whole look of the room and gives it a kick.


In this type of T.V unit, the T.V is hidden and you could only see the T.V whenever you want to. Rest of the time the unit will be seen as a storage unit only. Whenever you want to watch the T.V you can and your T.V won’t be seen all the time.


This type of T.V units have a back panel with them and we can even have some concealed light in the back panel to get a different, highlighting look even at night. The back panel highlights the T.V unit and go hand in hand with the rest of the wall and T.V unit design.

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