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by Mahima

Posted on May 9, 2018 at 07:20 PM

When you visit someone’s place the thing that leaves a great impact on you is the way they have designed and decorated their drawing room. Drawing room is the most impacting space of your house if any guest visits your house. So it’s really important to have a well organised and decorative drawing space to leave a positive and impressive impression on everybody visiting your house. Designing any space according to your inner self is the best way to decorate your house. Add some plants, candles and poppy colours to your interiors and reflect your inner self. Make your house the best version of you.


This theme is just like that sea side vacation day having so much to do. This is a style that caters a lot of soothing and sober look for your drawing room. This theme offers you bold, vibrant jewel tones and saturated earthy shades of the landscape (terra cotta, turquoise, and rust, yellow) contrasted by bright, clean whites. Authentically Mediterranean furniture is rustic, typically heavy medium-dark wood with ornate hand-carving. Adding some tapestries and wall hangings, drapes, rugs, pillows, and the ubiquitous Moroccan pouf will complete the look.


If you have a thing for bold colours and yet want it to be elegant, you should go for the Moroccan style interior. From vibrant colours to intricately designed wood and mosaic products, this luxurious, dramatic, and exciting style is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. While we talk about the Moroccan style interior many elements are a part of it. Mirror on the wall to add some definition to your space, plant on the side of the furniture to create and oasis like feel.


Whenever we talk about Zen theme the first thing that strikes me is a place that offers you complete peace and calmness. Place where you can meditate and find your inner peace. Zen theme has everything that is simple and soothing for your eyes as well as for your soul. All neutral shades are being used and the furniture is very plain and without much curves and carving.


Victorian is a theme that have very heavy and ornamented look for your interiors. The Victorian style has lot of gold and presence of old classical furniture with red-brown and light brown tone. The Victorian style theme offers curves in the form of furniture design and has carving in it.


Gothics is the other name for classy dark as in this theme we have many dark colours that are being used in the frame. The type of furniture use in this theme is the push upholstery and the curtains are draped.

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