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by Anukriti

Posted on April 20, 2018 at 05:00 PM

So in 21st century, everything is very fast forward. The way our lives have taken a roller coaster ride on the daily basis it gets really difficult to relax and rejuvenate ourselves. After spending hours on laptop and mobiles screens we need to have a relaxing season. Most of us try to get involved in yoga, exercise and other ways to rejuvenate and relax a bit. But the home we wake up in and return to each day after work is the most defining and constant part of our well being. We can always have that corner in our house that will give the moment of peace after a long tiring day.


Select a colour that will give you the kind of soothing aura you would like to be in after a long hectic day. The colour that will calm your and let them relax after the long working day. Our homes should be the place where we minimize these bright objects and get rid of the loud noises to let our minds and bodies rest and regenerate. Use off-whites, warmer greys, and muted Earthly shades to keep your space natural and calm.


If you simply love nature and the feeling that you get every time you visit some place away from the city and more enhanced with the nature. Though cities are great place to live in with full luxury and comfort we cannot deny the fact that cities have limited green space. In that case why not to incorporate greenery to our space and enjoy the soothing touch provided by nature. Plant doesn’t only provides you the calm aura you would want in your space but will also provide a bit fresh and clean air that is highly rare in metropolitan cities.


This is one of the most important thing that you should do every now and then in your house. De cluttering the stuff that you haven’t used over the period of time is required because it makes you house cluttered and provides negative energy in your house. Keep minimum useful stuff in your house to make it fetch that positivity that you would want.


Smell is one of the senses that have a long lasting impact on your mind and gives you a sense of attachment. So let the smell do their work in your house as well. Adding scents is the perfect way to bring a more Zen feeling to your retreat. If you have a nice smelling house you will have that soothi9ng impact on your mind and you will feel relaxing as soon as you enter you house.


Being at peace at home means eliminating anything that could be unnatural or harmful to you or your space. Using natural finishes and products will give you that connection with the nature giving you that peaceful time in your space. Don’t use products that have high chemical content in them as they are not good for your health as well as for your house.


Lights in our houses play an important role as they can make the space look too loud or too low. The perfect combination of light and interior will fetch you the best output. If you want a calm soothing atmosphere in your house select the perfect light. When relaxing, use more delicate and warm accent lights, and avoid cold or intense lighting that could cause strong or sharp shadows.

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