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by Prateek

Posted on April 19, 2018 at 01:30 PM

So while taking about the wall finishes its not just the mortar and the cement that we use to cover the bricks. But wall finishes are the covering to the wall to enhance the aesthetic value of the space. Walls play an important role when it comes to interior designing of a space. Appropriate wall finish can give you the desired look and style for your space. When it comes to wall finishes we have many options for the wall finishes as per the need and the budget you can choose any wall finishes that suits you the best.


Wall paint is one of the most commonly used wall finishes for the rooms. Paint covers the wall and give them a finished look. Wall paints today are quite beneficial and helps the wall not only with the finishes but also protect them from the moisture and dirt. You have many options when it comes to paint.

A-Water based paint: It has very low level of toxic emission. The wall could be easily cleaned with water.

B-Oil based paint: As oil based paint has oil content in it that’s why they give attractive glossy finish.


If you just want to paint the wall and still want that different look. You can go for texture paint and get that 3D look for the wall. Texture paint gives you that simple yet finished look for your space. Texture paint is great option for highlighting a wall.


Tiles were initially used for the floor but over the period of time they have been used on the wall as well. Wall tiles give the wall that finished and attractive look. Wall tile comes in variety of designs and colour to suit each and every type of design requirement. Wall tiling is a good option for moisture free and easy to maintain look for your room.


Wall cladding is a type of decorative wall covering material intended to make a wall look like it is made of a different sort of material than it actually is. Cladding is not only completely water-resistant but also aesthetically pleasing due to the variety of decorative patterns ranging from unvarnished and high gloss panels to printed panels with wood designs, marble motifs and fantasy effects.


Mirror wall is one of the options if you want to high a wall. A mirrored wall finish can really be a statement piece and can add dramatic visual appeal. Mirrors can be used in grid or panel form adding dimension to the room. The mirror can also be tinted or given an antiqued look, which is becoming quite popular.

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