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by Mahima

Posted on April 17, 2018 at 04:30 PM

When it comes to interiors, the combinations of many small elements contribute to the overall look of the interior. One of the most important and contributing element is false ceiling. False ceiling is the fake ceiling over your main ceiling that increases the aesthetic value of the space making it look more beautiful and attractive. False ceiling gives that extra edgy look to the space. So it is very important to focus on ceiling when it comes to the interior of a space.


Plaster of Paris is the most commonly used ceiling design. The most common and cheap type of ceiling design is plaster of Paris. This is the low maintenance type of false ceiling and they are long lasting. This type of ceiling only provides a P.O.P coating over the normal ceiling. They could be made in variety of designs and patterns giving that look to your ceiling that you would love to have.


Wood in the ceiling has been used since a very long and ancient time. It was anciently used to provide strength to the structure but over the period of time the wood work has been done to enhance the aesthetic value of the space. Wooden false ceiling gives you that countryside look that is never getting old and out of trend.


Gypsum false ceiling is another alternative for the P.O.P false ceiling fetching you the same output as the P.O.P false ceiling. Gypsum plasterboard has more strength as compared to POP. One of the main reasons why gypsum boards are used for false ceiling is because of its inertness towards water. Gypsum plasterboard’s false ceiling offers great flexibility in design. Gypsum plasterboard’s versatility makes ii the most preferable product for false ceiling. Cost wise there is no much difference in POP sheet and Gypsum plasterboard.


Fibre false ceiling is used in commercial buildings and halls. Fibre false ceiling has an advantage of good sound absorption properties. Fibre false ceiling have special anti-sag property, superior moisture resistance, better fire resistance, good light reflectance and better relative humidity properties when compared with conventional mineral fibre tiles. Mineral fibre ceiling applications like IT Office, Showroom And Shopping Malls.


Laminated glass is a glass sandwich which comprises of a vinyl sheet sandwiched between two glass sheets. The glass laminate finish is a laminate but gives you the glass finish which is less expensive as compared to lacquered glass. This makes you kitchen look more expensive with less expense.


Metal false ceiling is not generally used in the residents. They are mainly used in the commercials buildings and semi public buildings. Metal false ceiling is great functionality and durability. Metal false ceiling provides resistance to water and moisture.

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