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by Mahima

Posted on April 09, 2018 at 04:30 PM

Kitchen is an important part of the house. It has a great impact on the house and aesthetics of the house. Just as important it is to manage the inside working of the kitchen and it is important to have a good outer finish for the kitchen to make it go hand in hand with the other furniture and theme of the kitchen. Outer finish of the kitchen contributes to the overall finish of the kitchen. Selecting the right material for the kitchen shutter is not an easy task in itself as you can find many different options in the market and gets quite confusing at times.


So when you talk about laminates, they come with lot of choices and variations. Laminate is one of the best options for the kitchen finishes as they are economical and gives you a variety of colours and pattern laminates in your kitchen because they come with qualities like durability, low maintenance, and high resistance to heat and economic viability. For the Indian kitchens laminates comes with different finishes as well, like Matte finish, glossy finish, Solid colour finish.


Acrylic finish is a finish that gives you a high quality look for your kitchen. Available in a wide range of colours, this finish gives a resplendent, mirror-like semblance to your cooking space. Acrylics finish is a high gloss finish but have the finger print marks, dirt and stains more visible. The acrylics finish is more expensive as compared to laminate.


Veneer is a slice or skin of the raw wood that is being pasted on the ply to give that natural and raw look to your kitchen. Veneer is a great choice for those whose simply look the countryside look of the raw wood.


Lacquered glass is one of the most expensive finishes available for the kitchen shutter finishes. Lacquered glass, colour and opaque in appearance, is produced by depositing and then baking a coating of lacquer to one side of clear glass. Lacquered glass gives that sassy and classy look to your kitchen. It adds the look of luxury to your space.


Laminated glass is a glass sandwich which comprises of a vinyl sheet sandwiched between two glass sheets. The glass laminate finish is a laminate but gives you the glass finish which is less expensive as compared to lacquered glass. This makes you kitchen look more expensive with less expense.


If you want to have something unique and different for your kitchen, steel finish is the best option for you. It not only gives your kitchen that unique look but is also highly durable and use friendly. It gives your kitchen that freedom from moisture and termites that you would want for your kitchen.

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