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by Aakash

Posted on April 02, 2018 at 11:30 AM

Kitchen is an important part of the house. The place where we have the most of the hustle going on in the house. Indian kitchens are a place where we get so many spices and ingredients to be taken care of. Occupying such great space in our house and lives. It is very important to make the kitchen look classy and eye catchy. So, for that the colour combination of the kitchen has to be good enough and trendy to match up the expectation. Here are some of the colour combination to light up your kitchen and make the neighbours jealous of your taste as well as your kitchen.


If you always the country style looks and have a thing for wood. You can add the wooden element to your kitchen to gel up with some other colour and feel like home with the classy and country style look for your kitchen. You can never go wrong with wood. Wooden texture and the rawness that wood offer can never go out of fashion. Wood is something that adds more density to the whole look and gives it that classy come dense look that one might not find in solid colours.


You can add some colour as highlighter as it can act like that cherry on the top and will give your kitchen a look that you would love see in your kitchen. You can add that twist to your kitchen by giving some shelf that highlighting look, giving your kitchen that 3d look.


If you don’t want your kitchen to be a colourful mess and you want to play it simple. You can have always gone with the neutral without thinking much about it. The perfect combination is white and grey. You can never go wrong with neutrals, neutral looks classy and sassy always and can never fall out of trend.


Blue is that colour which will give you that soothing aura that you might need while you are working in your kitchen. Blue is one colour that inspires confidence and wisdom. Blue will add that element to your kitchen that you have been looking for.


If you have a soft corner for nature or you fall into the category of nature love. You can also incorporate that natural element by adding some greens to the space. Green colour gives your eyes that calm and soothing effect. Green colour is that colour that gives you the refreshing feel.

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